>> Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm still here. Just busy. Really busy.

So ready for Thanksgiving break.

Joe and I have been experimenting with Tumblr as a way to share things and it seems to be the best route for now.

Follow us at: SpillingLove.tumblr.com



18 months

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

You turned 18 months this past Tuesday.
You're picking up new vocabulary at a scary pace.
Your favorite is still "PAHPHEEEE!"
You are determined to feed yourself with a fork/spoon and refuse to eat if we try to help.
Coloring is your favorite.
"Harry the Dirty Dog" and "Jamberry" are your current go-to reads.
You love love love your floor bed. You know it's your own cozy place.
Some things you say in Japanese, some others in English. It's fun seeing which words you decide to use.
For a week straight, you requested to watch Tottoro right after breakfast.
You will eat "may-dohs" from the garden until your belly aches.
You love to tickle daddy.
You bust out singing "eeee-aye, eeee-aye....OHHH!" at random times.
You're tall. Growing out of your mid-arm chub rolls, but still rockin' the mid-thigh roll.

You're amazing. So full of love.


>> Sunday, September 11, 2011

Went up to Hanover, NH for Dave and Julie's wedding! It was a gooorgeous celebration. The weather held out, Julie was stunning, and Dave couldn't have looked any happier. So so thrilled for them!

Plus, we got to see best buddy John and his fiance Hannah, who flew all the way from Singapore. What amazing friends.

John took this beauty of a shot of us right after the wedding ceremony. So thankful!!


Been dipping my toes into a little heavier Photoshopping of pictures. Thump be on the forehead when things get outta control would yah?



Quinn loves to swing. Screams when it's time to take her out.

Her mind goes to a far away place when swinging. She lets go, so still, watching the other kids run around, rarely changing the expression on her face.


Tales of a "May-Doh" Snatcher

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

Q's been catching up speed in the land of independence lately. New feelings of want and frustration keep bubbling up in her little heart. Definitely rounding the bend in what will become full fledged toddlerhood.

"May-dohs" have been a part of her growing streak. Just the other morning, she woke up asking them for breakfast and happily gobbled 5-6 from our garden. Some nights when we offer them as a part of her dinner, she totally refuses, fulfilling the desire to have control in the situation. When we're out playing the yard, she'll sneak over to the garden and snack on them until she's covered in tomato juice.

Oh Quinn.

I love you.

: )



>> Monday, July 25, 2011


Music by Elizabeth Mitchell.


Bear Mt.

>> Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bear Mt State Park

We went to Bear Mt. State Park for the first time today, after living here for almost three years. Fools! Why in the world did we wait so long....

The place is beeeeaaautiful in the summer and can't even wrap my head around how gorgeous it is each fall. There's a nature trail/zoo, hundreds of picnic tables wrapping around the main lake, an outdoor ice rink, an old timey merry-go-round, a huge pool with a spectacular view, you can easily spend an entire day soaking it all in and would be a great place to have some sort of a family reunion/get together.

GO! If you're ever up here, GO!

Bear Mt State Park

Bear Mt State Park


Just Add Sand

>> Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Took only a handful of evenings to complete! Probably because I was so excited to see the finished product, AND Joe was awesome, took Quinn for the majority of a weekend morning to let me sew without Quinn's little paws wandering around the table.

Got the pattern from MADE, the towel from Wal-Mart (don't hate, I had to go there to buy the bias tape because I'm not going to drive 40 minutes to the nearest JoAnn).

Can't wait to hit the beach!


>> Saturday, July 2, 2011

Homemade Finger Paint

Made some finger paint for Quinn yesterday! Super easy. You'll neeeeeed:

1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup cornstarch
food coloring

That's it!

Mix the water and cornstarch in a small pot until well mixed. Turn on the burner, to medium, keep stirring until it thickens up to whatever consistency you're looking for. Note though, it'll thicken up a little more as it cools.

Transfer the 'paint' to whatever containers you'll be using and add the food coloring.


And since it's just water and cornstarch,
it's ok if your kiddo decides to do this:



Just the Ladies

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oatmeal pancakes, blueberries, coconut milk and kisses.
A handful of Cheerios at Target to keep your hands in business.

For lunch, spinach couscous cups,
Banana and cheese, you gobble up.

At nap time we snuggled and snoozed together.
Under a cool breeze and simple weather.

A concoction we created, for your afternoon snack.
So yummy and delicious, in our cheeks we packed.

Outside we go for the rest of the day,
You play, play, and play, shed tears when we don't stay.

We eat together your favorite fish,
Carrots, tomatoes, oh what a dish.

Books and puzzles to wind our day down,
A bath and PJ's, goodnight to our town.

You drift to sleep, while twiddling your ear,
Right outside your window, are 2 mama deer.


Rocks and Dirt

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Went camping with friends and kiddos this past weekend and had an awesome, awesome time. Quinn was definitely in her element, getting to be outside for the majority of her days. Chasing balls, chasing bubbles, chasing boys... ;)

Finnian and Jonathan, two little men who were Quinn's playmates for the weekend, were the perfect pals.

Didn't realize how few photos I took while we were there. You'd think I'd saddle up and max out the card being armed with a new toy. But alas... Have no fears, friend and fellow photographer connoisseur Megan took some great photos of our weekend, which can be seen HERE!
(thanks Megan!!)

Can't wait to go back!


Dat-Dee Day

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011


>> Friday, June 3, 2011


See these little puppies? I am still craving them after being back from Panama for a handful of days. Freshly picked from a backyard tree, these mangoes are so juicy, SO flavorful. I mean, look at those colors?! And I love how they look so "dirty" and imperfect.

Got to eat these, along with star fruit and guava from a family's backyard. Delicious!!

I had such a great time down in Panama. Got to play in a brass quintet for the national music festival held each year in Panama City, coached youngin's as they plowed through Rachmaninoff and Rossini, and visited/played a mini concert at an orphanage. Definitely made me turn my dials back a bit and realize what opportunity and love I have back home.

It's winter down in Panama. Don't let the 90 degree temps fool you.

Had a fantastic time down in mango land. New people, new ideas, new music, new foods. But am thrilled to be back home to Joe and Quinn. Missed them teeeeerribly!!




>> Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The weather is warming up and her hair is just long enough to sport the piggies. : )


The Dance and Sacrifice Worked

>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Got up to a balmy 83 degrees today.

As soon as Joe got home from work, we packed our bags, plopped Quinn in the stroller and walked a 15 minute jaunt to the Hudson River. Spread a picnic blanket my mom made when I when Quinn's age, ate ourselves silly and had a grand ol' time.

Can't wait for more of this.


>> Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy, chilly afternoon. Quinn's napping. Joe's at a gig. Making cookies for a potluck. Listening to "This American Life"

Ahhhhhh. : )


Is it summer yet?

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

We keep getting warm fronts coming in, teasing us of at least spring to arrive. Then the pendulum swings the other way....

But, have no fear! I've been sacrificing goats in the back yard, burning incense, doing dances. Warmer weather should be here soon.

And to prepare, I whipped up a cute little summer dress for Quinn. Seriously easy. And to make the deal even better, I made it out of 2 men's t-shirts I scored from GoodWill. Yeehaw! I coooould have made it out of one t-shirt, but the contrasting yellow yolk around the neck? Yes. It was a must.

Got the tutorial from MADE.


Can't wait to make a few more for her.


Someone's been wanting to feed THEMSELVES lately.


Oh My.

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friend and fellow foodie, Megan, opened the doors to her kitchen and showed me how to make these little lovelies. I love love love macarons, and would unleash my gluttony for them whenever I went down to the city.....buy buy buying and consume consume consuming like a true American.

But worry no more!

Now I can make them in my own kitchen.....

Let the gluttony commence!!



>> Thursday, March 24, 2011


Big Bertha

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

Finished the "Rollie Pollie" beanbag chair I found through MADE the other night! Definitely the most grande thing my craftiness has had to tackle. Trying to sew shut the beanbag insert, full of said insert.....was a body contorting adventure.

Such a fantastic place for Quinn to sit/lounge/jump onto/snuggle, right? Too bad she's pretty much afraid of the thing. Squirms and starts crying when I try to put her on it. Crazy girl.

Don't let the size intimidate! It was a definitely a beginner-worthy project. Even got to get my feet wet with zipper sewing. Muah hah haaah.

And, hopefully your kid will enjoy it more than mine. : )


1 Year

>> Monday, March 14, 2011

1 Year!

It's official, she's one. ONE.

Her birthday morning, she woke up chitty chatty, talking and entertaining herself while Joe and I smiled at each other as we listened to her through the monitor. Joe went and said his "good mOORning!" and brought the Q into bed with us. The normally excited and wanting crawl around Quinn simply laid down and cuddled, just like the morning she was born.

Best cuddle session ever.

Presents soon ensued. Quinn was alllll about the tissue paper.

Then we ate ourselves silly with cardamom cupcakes smothered with cream cheeeeese. Q, loves, cheese. Joe is ecstatic.

A little lunch, then a little nap. Then Joe and Quinn came down to West Point to come listen to friend Sarah and my's recital. Played an original composition written just for Quinn by great friend Mike Reifenberg (they're expecting their first in 2 weeks!) in celebration of her birthday. It was so awesome. SO awesome. Trust me. : )

Post recital, we went out for dinner to the local burger shop Woodys. Ohhhh, the chocolate malts they make.....they are divine. And they're REAL. Like, a REAL malt. MALT I say. When you go to a burger joint, order a malt, and they give you a shake..... this is traumatic. I mean, this is America. This is where malts were born. Please people, know your malt rights.

I digress.

Quinn had a great day as did Joe and I. Can't believe a year has already gone by. Sad to see her baby-ness slowly fade, but at the same time very excited to see her grow, develop and blossom into the person she is becoming.

Happy Birthday Quinn!