22 hours later...

>> Friday, June 22, 2007

Got us some Road Runner Internet hooked up this afternoon, thus the post! Joe and I made it into Cleveland this past Sunday evening at around 1930 hours. The second day of driving was more eventful than the first. We got a couple of nice showers along the way, saw a rainbow.....and.....had a close call on....or perhaps....off....a ramp trying to get onto I-71, northbound towards Cleveland. We almost made friends with the protective guardrail to say the least. Oye veh.

But all is well and we're safe and sound in our new place, which is still a little on the disorganized side, but a trip to the local Ikea in Pittsburgh will do the trick.

The weather here = fantastic. The high today was a whoppin' 73 degrees. And the low tonight... 49. Most apartment units around here, including ours, are lacking in the air conditioning department, so the cool nights and perfect daytime temps are well welcomed. I've noticed though, because of the great weather here, more people are out, taking walks, going to the park, taking the option to eat outside at restaurants, riding bikes, chilling on their porches, creating an atmosphere conducive to happy minds and friendly peeps. Joe and I have already gotten to know and become great friends with all of our neighbors. Venice, lives across the hall and just graduated from law school and has started her own company that deals with business relations, downstairs we've got Nicole, who is a current med student at Case Western and has a new puppy Theo who could play fetch all hours of the day, then we've got Joe who lives right below us with his two small kiddos and a dog Lucy. Crystal, who lives in the building next door with her two middle school aged kids saw Joe and I moving in and graciously brought us ice cold bottles of Gatorade.

Things here are great.

Our place is the on in the upper left corner.

Joe set up a picnic for us to eat our scrumptious lunch from a place down the street called Aladdin's. Delicious lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, radishes, and yogurt sauce all wrapped up in a homemade pita bread, toasted to perfection.


On the road again....just can't wait to get on the road again...

>> Saturday, June 16, 2007

Joe and I left the land of the waving wheat this morning. At 0900, we set sail and headed for "the mistake by the lake"...Cleveland's nickname during the 70's and 80's, but no worries, it's a very happenin' place now....because, you know...we'll be there.

Joe was in charge of taming the Budget truck while I tagged behind in our Corolla. We drove just over 11 hours and anchored in Vandalia, Illinois just before the sun set on us. We'll wake up tomorrow and probably drive another 10 hours, until we set foot in our new place of abode.

Pics of our new place are sure to surface soon.

My tooshy is sore.