>> Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One of Joe's work buddies scored tickets to this past weekend's 80's glory, Genesis concert, but decided stay true to his Buckeyes and go to the game rather than the show; he graciously passed the tickets to Joe and I. Hearing them play took Joe and I back to our youngin' years. I remember my dad cranking ol' Phil on our family boom-box while my brother and I would dance around the apartment in spaghetti, kool-aide, and paint ridden hand-me-downs.

We got to sit in Quicken's very own suite. Free food and beverages, comfy seats and couches, and plenty of leg room. It was indeed a plush and awesome way to spend a Saturday night.

The dude labeled in the picture above was air-drumming.....the entire concert.

Sadly, everyone's all-time hit didn't make an appearance...