>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Had an awesome Paula Dean worthy meatloaf dinner with all the fixin's the other night. Friends of ours invited us over and we couldn't say no to such a feast. Mashed taters were there too... mmmmm. We topped it off with homemade caramel apples lathered in chocolate chunks and peanuts.

A pregnant lady needs 85-95 grams of protein a day you say? Fear not, I love to eat.

I can't fasten the clasp on my deliciously fashionable Class B pants anymore. Or my jeans, or my dress pants, or my corduroys. I love sweatpants.



>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

A pretty sweet birthday, getting to see our Critter in full human action form! The last time we saw the little thing, it looked like a bean, straight outta some soup, no joke. Bust out the music, because Critter was waving arms, kicking, grasping, having a him/herself a dance party while we watched the screen. It was so. amazing.

Everything on the pregnancy front is going very smoothly. Can't complain a bit.

Our apartment still smells of bacon....from last night's birthday feast. Nom nom.


*thump *thump *thump *thump *thump *thump

>> Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Had a nom nom light fare dinner tonight to top off our new interaction with Critter. Joe and I headed up to Gardiner, NY to meet up with our midwives for an "appointment", which never ever feels like what we've all become accustomed to.... Dr. Whatever knocks, walks in, looking at your chart, asks questions while somehow never looking up, scribbles some things down, leaks the all too familiar "Mmmm Hmmmmm", and without too much thought, *bam, prescription. Pats you on the butt, and says to call if the meds don't do the trick.

Not here my friends. Not with our freakishly fantastic midwives whom we've grown to love and become wonderful friends with. Our appointments are loaded with quality individualized care, thoughtful answers to any kind of questions and more than enough options for whatever ailment or concern you may have. My family's thorough blessing of varicose veins is pronouncing itself as my inflating body pumps 40% more blood volume. Gross.

We're on a honeymoon with our midwives.

Not to mention, we were able to listen to Critter's heartbeat (and a little kicking!) today. 150-160 bpm. Crazy.

Ohhhhh the miso soup, soba noodles and salmon was soooo tasty.