>> Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The New pots and pans....are great! Joe volunteered to cook up a drool-worthy feast while my mom and I did a little shopping up in the city. It consisted a bed of spinach pasta, covered with a pancetta, portobello mushroom, onion and sweet pea cream sauce. Hory mory it was delicious. Props to my kitchen savy fiance!


Thank you Santy! Or...my soon to be mom and pops. :-)

>> Saturday, December 23, 2006

Joe and I had an early Christmas with his parents last evening. It was an evening filled with great food and stories of old. Joe's dad had us all laughing with stories of when his parents' visited Italy for their vacation. One included a fiasco with a taxi driver, ending up with punches being thrown and the ladies doing their best to hold back their testosterone driven men.

New in the kitchen, a 10-piece cookware set!! No more evenings of recycling one pot and one pan throughout the preparation of one meal. No sir-eee! Next on the menu....Pumpkin and Roasted Corn Soup.


Ohhhhhh, Tree de la Christmas

>> Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A picture, not too interesting or sophisticated of my four foot pre-lit Indiana Spruce. Not to forget....in my very own newly cozied-in apartment. :-)


Snow day!

>> Sunday, December 3, 2006