Thuper Duper

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of June, and we're still A/C free. By all means...doesn't mean we've had a handful of nights of Joe and I laying next to each other, in a "don't touch me 'cause it's so freaking hot" position, only a strip teeeeez away from our birthday suites.

What to fix for din-din when the sweat starts to bead, and maximizing your stove to it's full potential is not in your favor? Joe found this
which made us both do this.


Ta Daaaaaaa. Almost.

>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still trying to work out some kinks (like the "search"'s not exactly doin' any "searching" as of now), but all in all not too shabby, eh? I ended up taking bits and pieces from other blog-o-licious sites and created this dainty scheme.

Back to looking into "search" boxes...



>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paid a visit to good ol' Oklahoma last week to celebrate Mike and Amy's wedding. If the picture of Lacey whippin' my mom around on the dance floor doesn't suffice, please let it be know that we had a freaking great time. During our stay in tornado country, Joe and I got to finally meet our new niece, Nikki. So. Cute. Below is the dad himself, the chillest baby I've ever met, and Uncle Joe.

I've been studying up, rackin' my brain, and learning XML code in my spare makeover to soon appear...hopefuly.


Viva la Panama

>> Monday, June 8, 2009

4 summers ago, my friends Isaac, Lacey, and I were floating on a plastic portable "deck-like" thing you once enjoyed jumping off of at summer camp. We lounged, soaked in the Mediterranean sun, watching man after hairy man struttin' in ye ol' speedo. We chitted, we chatted, Isaac bringing up his grand idea of someday starting a music festival, from scratch mind you, in his home country of Panama.

This summer, was the 3rd anniversary of Isaac's creation. The "Alfredo de Saint Malo Music Festival" takes place in the historic downtown of Panama, hosting recitals given by members of the Metropolitan Opera, The Rome Opera House, down to a finale orchestra concert given by local school children from unfortunate districts and circumstances.

Amazing time. Amazing.

One note.
The Panama Canal? I mean, it's worth going to see, just to see. But it's just not as glorious as your elementary school teacher made it out to be. Pooey.