Weekend full of wedding bidniz

>> Saturday, January 27, 2007

Joe and I are slowly getting to the last leg of wedding "to-do" items on our list....which I must say, is very comforting. Fortunate enough to have a good friend with a thuper thweet camera, Joe and I enlisted John to take our engagement pics. Good times were had around campus late yesterday afternoon. For a couple of highlight shots, visit ol' John's blog aqui------> :-)

This morning, amidst the sudden, 30 minute Oklahoman snow blizzard, Joe and I ventured to our tuxedo appointment. Dear Joseph tried on a tux we had picked out, and boy-howdy he looked good! Pictured above is the smooth criminal himself.



>> Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some snaps of some little ones from the past OU/Texas game.


Food Porn

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This, my friends, is hot chocolate for the strong of heart. It ain't no Swiss Miss. A combination of cocoa powder, good thick milk, and a spoonful of sugar, this hot chocolate satisfies your deepest of cocoa cravings. A new favorite evening drink of Joe and I's, it is a must share.

Take about a tblsp and a half of cocoa powder and just enough milk and combine it in a small cooking pan. With the burner on about medium flame stir your cocoa and milk until you begin forming a paste-like consistency. Slowly begin adding milk, little bits at a time, giving the paste a chance to dilute itself. Keep adding milk in small increments until you have about two teacups worth of hot chocolate. Add as much sugar as you'd like for your own personal tasting. Joe and I like about a tblsp in our concoction. Pour into small teacups, and enjoy! For added delight.....whip up some of your favorite heavy cream into a fluffy treat and add a dollop of it to your steamy treat. :-)



>> Saturday, January 13, 2007

As temperatures dipped into the twenties, motion was made to create fire. Joe and I labored over our logs trying to get the Oklahoma timber to stay lit. Joe chopped up some kindling, and all was well after we got those babies to light under our girthier logs. S'mores had been rosted and devoured, and the homemade chili was next in line....'Twas a picturesque winter evening.


Fancy that

>> Thursday, January 4, 2007

Royal Northern College of Music = Accepted. :-)


Estrogen domination

After a riveting couple of hours of playing charades on New Year Eve, let's just face it, girls rule and boys do indeed drool. Pictured here are Joe, John and Jerod, J cubed if you will, sporting the traditional loser "L" upon their foreheads after facing the wrath of their female counterparts.


Pastry from afar

Lacey brought back some delectable treats from the land of the boot. Pictured here is a chocolate hazelnut piece of heaven. Joe and I took care of this one in less than a minute. For a couple of days, we housed some real deal salami. You ain't had no salami until you've had the Italian kind. Sheesh....it was good. Dry cured with spices of all kinds, it was definitely hard to stop eating slice after slice after slice after slice......