19 Weeks

>> Friday, October 16, 2009

Buddha belly has arrived in full force this week. Passers by are definitely beginning to give me the "is she expecting....or is she just kinda fat?" look. :) Coming up on our next ultrasound.... if Critter isn't shy or squatting on legs, we should be able to find out if we're harvesting a boy or a girl. Yay!

We got our duplex appraised and all systems are go. Probably closing in a week! Let the sledge hammering begin.



>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's looking like we'll be closing on our duplex within the next 3 weeks! Then it's going to be a crazy 5-6 weeks of replacing the heating, windows, kitchen, flooring, plumbing. Yeeyah! Seriously though, having the opportunity to make our cozy place exactly how we want it, is worth allllll the work.

Things on the baby front are amazing as can be. We had an appointment with our midwives this afternoon and got to hear the heartbeat again. Definitely can't button any of my pants anymore; a knock-off version of the BellaBand I got on Etsy is definitely paying off. I'm chowing protein laden mini meals throughout the day, drinking a tincture to help with my varicose veins, doing a little light cardio, and getting foot rubs from Joe. We're in the 17th week of things and I'm not quite "showing" much. My midwives attest this delay of protruding gut to my long-ish torso and...**ahem**..."nice abs".

I promise I'll post fat pictures as soon as this belly of mine starts inflating a little.