11 Months

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

A milestone sorta put the 11 month photo shoot and blog post on hold. Our sincerest of apologies! Mopey days were upon us as the mercury rose and Quinn's little body battled it's first fever. It lasted a good 3 and a half days. 'Twas a long 3 and a half days...BUT, Quinn was the cuddliest and best koala impersonator around. Here's the sad little chap in full fever mode:

And now here she be trying her best to be her chipper, silly self:

And now a picture we took today.

So after the fever debacle, Quinn broke out into a rash. Fever for 3~4 days, then sudden appearance of rash? Roseola my friends. We're thankful Quinn wasn't the 10-15% of babies who suffer seizures from the virus.

But anywho, in the broad spectrum of things, Quinn is doing GREAT. She's such a happy kiddo. Her willingness to communicate with her little hands is truly amazing to us right now. Her vocab continues to grow and is now signing 'more', 'all done', 'eat', 'bath', 'book', and 'milk'.

She's eating mainly finger foods and favors anything powdered or containing cheese. Joe glows in delight in this and is already eagerly cultivating her cheese palette.

I need to give her more fish, rice, and soy sauce.

Quinn turns ONE in 3 weeks....


I repeat.



(mamma faints, cue dimming of lights, curtains close)


>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So, enjoy with me a new milestone of Quinn's.

We've been doing some sign language with her since she was aroooound 8 months or so. I'm sure to her, obnoxiously getting in her face, wide eyed, flashing hand gestures that seem so obscene, is what it equated to. But, in the name of Oregon Trail, we blazed on and forged the river instead of deciding to float.

Started out with "eat" "more" "all done". We're all about eating in this household....getting her to watch us while at the dinner table for lunches and dinners was easiest.

After 2 months of a one way street in communication, Quinn has decided to return fire.

Didn't capture "eat", but "more" and "all done" are definitely there, with a bonus of waving "hi/bye" to Joe in the kitchen.

Warning....the video is a bit long, and can seem a bit boring and stagnant to those not so glossy eye enamored with Quinn. : )