18 months

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

You turned 18 months this past Tuesday.
You're picking up new vocabulary at a scary pace.
Your favorite is still "PAHPHEEEE!"
You are determined to feed yourself with a fork/spoon and refuse to eat if we try to help.
Coloring is your favorite.
"Harry the Dirty Dog" and "Jamberry" are your current go-to reads.
You love love love your floor bed. You know it's your own cozy place.
Some things you say in Japanese, some others in English. It's fun seeing which words you decide to use.
For a week straight, you requested to watch Tottoro right after breakfast.
You will eat "may-dohs" from the garden until your belly aches.
You love to tickle daddy.
You bust out singing "eeee-aye, eeee-aye....OHHH!" at random times.
You're tall. Growing out of your mid-arm chub rolls, but still rockin' the mid-thigh roll.

You're amazing. So full of love.


Sistahood September 27, 2011 9:19 AM  

I feel so cool that I know what Tottoro is. And Quinn is so cute. I'm telling Abby that she needs to grow up to be exactly as cute as Quinn. And I'm realizing (again) that we STILL haven't met Quinn. This is tragic. We really must come visit you guys!